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When asleep at night, many people end up grinding their teeth and never even know it. To prevent the associated damages of this, considering looking for night guards at Dr. Samir Halaka’s office, either in Hollywood, CA or Van Nuys, CA to help better protect your teeth.

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Night Guards 

Night Guards

Many people are grind their teeth while sleeping. This causes excessive wear on teeth and contributes to cavities and cracks. We can protect your teeth with a night guard, a device which places a protective barrier between the top and bottom teeth.

A night guard, sometimes spelled "nightguard," is a piece of hard or soft plastic or silicone molded (in some cases) to fit the shape of your teeth. Its purpose is to keep teeth from grinding into one another. A night guard is worn while sleeping and taken out in the morning.

A night guard is also a popular treatment for TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. Night guards are sometimes used in place of a nightly retainer, because a night guard also serves to keep the teeth in place as well as prevent grinding and clenching. Night guards are a well-known treatment for bruxism, otherwise known as tooth grinding and jaw clenching.


If you want a highly effective night guard that fits perfectly, consult Dr. Halaka for a custom fit. Many soft night guards are available over-the-counter at drugstores and grocery stores. Some companies that make reliable soft night guards include SleepRight, The Doctor's Night Guard, DenTek and Dr. Brux. SleepRight makes an adjustable night guard that is also mint- or cinnamon-flavored. Determining the right fit for you depends on how normal or abnormal your bite is. If you have had braces, you will probably have an easier time fitting into a store-bought night guard. Night guards that are comfortable and recommended for some may not be comfortable for others who have a different bite and teeth alignment.

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