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Nothing ruins a smile quite like discolored teeth, and while time and environmental factors will naturally darken your teeth, there are options to combat this problem, including services for teeth whitening in Los Angeles with Dr. Samir Halaka.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Teeth whitening 

Get a whiter smile painlessly and pleasantly in just 30 minutes. Staining from coffee, wine, smoking, certain medications, genetics and age can slowly diminish the power of your smile. We can effectively whiten your teeth using non-toxic laser tooth whitening technology. We provide also professional home whitening systems for our patients.

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The Sapphire tooth whitening system

The Sapphire tooth whitening system is a breakthrough system when it comes to dramatically enhancing the shade of your teeth in a safe and effective manner. It uses a unique and versatile Plasma Arc Light that can be used for both at home bleaching and fast curing bleaching in our office. In conjunction with using the Sapphire Light and Rembrandts patented toothpaste, clinical results have show that teeth can be whitened up to ten shades with the system.

With Sapphire teeth whitening, Dr. Halaka applies composites to your teeth that are cured with the Sapphire light. The curing process general takes about 5 seconds depending on the humidity of the surface area. There are tremendous benefits to using the Sapphire teeth whitening system when compared to other whitening systems.

You can achieve dramatics results with the Sapphire teeth whitening system in usually about an hour. Compare that to take home trays that could take several weeks to achieve the same results.

The Sapphire teeth whitening system is completely safe as it will not do damage to your teeth or gums. Dozens of clinical studies have shown that the Sapphire teeth whitening system is completely effective and superior to many other systems available today.

At Home Whitening

This method requires us to take an impression of your mouth so that a custom tray, which holds the whitening gel against your teeth, can be made. The gel is typically worn for a few hours a day for a period of one to three weeks.

How Long Will Whitening Last?

Since the results vary from patient to patient there is no firm answer. We do know that teeth tend to darker as time passes so touch up treatments are occasionally needed to get the teeth to lighten. Your eating, drinking, smoking and home care habits definitely have an effect on how long the treatment lasts. Remember that the base shade of teeth is yellow or white and that we cannot whiten this base color. However, most patients are very satisfied with the results of whitening treatment.

What Are The Side Effects?

Some patients report a temporary increase in sensitivity. Tender gums are also a known side effect especially if you are whitening at home and use too much of the whitening solution. Remember that if a little is good that a lot will not make your teeth any whiter.

Is Everyone A Candidate For Whitening?

NO! There is no whitening solution for most dental work such as fillings, crowns, veneers, and partial or full dentures. If the color of your teeth matches the color of your dental work before whitening, the color of your teeth will most likely be a different color after whitening than the color of the dental work after whitening. You are making a commitment to replacing those restorations if you whiten your teeth. We typically wait a few weeks after any whitening treatment to replace these restorations since we want to match the new color and we want the color to stabilize before choosing a color for the new restorations.

Your gums must also be healthy and any decay must be treated since both of these can be a cause of sensitivity during whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening is not recommended for children whose teeth are still developing or for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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