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Weight Management Program Specialist

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Weight Management Program Q & A

Weight Management Program 

Weight loss is extremely important for one's health, but sometimes extremely difficult to obtain. When a sensible diet and exercise do not work, we offer different solutions to help people lose weight. We created a special Diet Program that is based on nutritional supplements and injections.

Our unique Diet Program demonstrated great results in weight loss. Dr. Moussa will design it personally for you!

Diet Pills

Diet pills usually help people eat less as well as eat more healthy foods. They also help to improve your energy level, which also help you to exercise more. It also seems that they stimulate your metabolism and help you burn more calories.


With every visit you get a shot that is called lipotropic which means fat breakdown. These shots can be done as frequent as 2 times every week. The basis of these injections is Vitamin B12 which is an essential vitamin used by the body to create energy. The lipotropic MIC is a combination of three amino acids which are targeted toward the liver. The liver is involved in removing fat from the body.

These injections help you to lose weight by

  • boosting energy (so that you will burn off more calories) and
  • increasing the removal of fat from the body¬†