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Wrinkle Reduction 

BOTOX/XEOMIN are approved for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe Frown lines, Forehead lines, Crow’s Feet, Nose wrinkles, Marionette Lines and chin wrinkles in people ages 18 to 65. BOTOX/XEOMIN  are also approved for excessive underarm sweating when topical agents don’t work.

Botulinumtoxin A smooths out wrinkles by weakening and relaxing the muscles that cause skin to wrinkle. More than just smoothing out worry and frown lines, the injections can create a lifting effect by relaxing the muscles that pull down on the eyebrows. 


Purified proteins produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium, which reduces the activity of the muscles. It is used for the treatment of forehead frown lines and wrinkles, furrows, crows' feet (men & women). 

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